Why No Strings Attached Like Escorts & Sugar Babies Are Rising In SG

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Even though to some people it may appear as though sugar babies and social escorts sound similar, there are differences between them! But definitely, one of the biggest similarities between them would be that they are relatively no strings attached. And such forms of no strings attached or more transient forms of dating are rapidly growing in Singapore. Here are the reasons why that is happening.

Singapore men are too busy to date conventionally

Singapore has a very fast paced life, and many people also lead very busy lifestyles. This means that most men in their twenties are simply building their careers. As a result of that, most of them will need to sacrifice social lifestyles if they want to actually achieve any kind of substantial and sizeable financial success by the time they are in their young to mid thirties. As a result of these, they are usually in the mid thirties by the time they can take a small step back and enjoy themselves. However, at that age, going to the night clubs would probably be a little awkward, and most people’s social circles tend to naturally shrink over time to include only their colleagues and their closest friends from the past. Since most women are already attached in their thirties, even married, it can get quite difficult for these men to date.

Additionally, you will be surprised that many men are still fine with getting married even later, as many do only in their late thirties to forties now, as is happening in many developed countries around the world, including Singapore!

As a result of this, many of these Singaporean men in their late thirties or forties either turn to matchmaking agencies if they are looking for a marriage partner, or they simply turn to social escorts or sugar dating if they want something more transient and no strings attached.

Expatriates in Singapore prefer something with no strings attached

There are many expatriates who live and work in Singapore. As a result of that, a relatively sizeable portion of the local Singapore population is actually made up by expatriates. Since most expatriates live and work in Singapore on an average of two to five years, it makes not much sense to date seriously while in SG. It is probably bad to lead on the woman with no intention of being with her as well.

As such, most expats opt for no strings attached relationships. Even tourists are recommended to look for escorts as one of the ways to have more fun on their next trip. This could be done in the traditional sense by finding such a girl friend, or through more professional methods such as sugar dating or escort services in Singapore.

Singapore is an expensive city to live in and money talks

This trend is not just due to demand side but also due to supply side. If it was dirt cheap to live in Singapore, no girl would probably be an social escort or a sugar baby. However, Singapore is very expensive to live in, and especially if you want to live in it comfortably. As a result of that, many girls turn to flexible hour jobs such as social escort work in SG so that they can make more income. This is the same for sugar babies as well in our country.

As a result of also more increased supply of these local ladies, it results in a flywheel effect – more girls means more men will want in. And because there’s more money to be made off more men, more women want in.