TSRJOX 新加坡天上人间狼群网狮城陪游

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Quite some time ago, TSRJOX, also known as 新加坡天上人间狼群网狮城陪游 in Mandarin, and which website used to be on TSRJOX.net, was an extremely popular prostitution website page in Singapore. Some claimed that it also went under different names such as SGWolf and more, but nonetheless, when one wanted to search for Chinese ladies and prostitutes, people could visit these China girls in our country by browsing TSRJOX or TSRJOX.net.

A brief history about TSRJOX

However, since some time ago as well, TSRJOX was hunted by the Singapore police force for being an illegal prostitution website and was TSRJOX.net was shut down forever since. However, like the hydra, one head gets chopped, and several pops up in its place.

The fact is that people are not able to confirm, but many have even speculated that subsequent ones like 皇朝 888 SGWolf, TTVIP7 and more are still being operated by the same masterminds behind TSRJOX 新加坡天上人间狼群网狮城陪游. Arguably though, none of them got anywhere close to the level of notoriety as TSRJOX did.

Alternatives you can find

Therefore, if you want to try to look for alternatives to it, for China Chinese ladies and prostitutes in Singapore masquerading under escort service in a bid to circumvent local laws, you can try stuff like 皇朝 888 SGWolf, TTVIP7, though the police clamps down on them really fast, and you are also likely to have overstepped the legal lines if you play with them.

So how then do you look for these girls now if the original was gone, and these subsequent ones which popped up also constantly disappear?

There really are only two answers – and it depends on whether you are on the search for prostitutes or legit escort girls.

If you are confused as to what the difference is between prostitution and legal escort work, the former is sexual services and absolutely nothing else provided by the women in exchange for money. The latter is paid companionship by the women, and if you two decide to privately enter sexual relationship, that is your own issue, but is not part and cannot be sold or marketed as part of the service, or it will be considered the former.

If you are searching for the former, there are red light districts in Singapore, and the most famous remaining one left with the widest selection of choices will be left in Geylang. While some claim in international forums that Orchard Towers and the 4 floors of whores as ‘legal’, they really are not. Legal ones do not get busted for providing such services.

If you are searching for the latter, then a quick Google search will yield you lots of results.