Types Of Escort Call Girls You Can Find In Singapore

We had previously talked about TSRJOX, which is a banned prostitution site in Singapore. However, today, we will talk about the popular types of local Singaporean escort girls you can find instead from legal providers in SG, both from agencies, as well as from independents. There are various types as you will soon see below.

SIA stewardess

Also known as the Singapore girl, these are basically current or past SIA air stewardesses who are either moonlighting or working as an escort girl in Singapore during the times that she is within Singapore. Once used to be highly sought after by local clients mainly, demand for them has now been more distributed among the various other types of the years.

The hot office lady

These are the epitome of what you will notice at Raffles Place or Tanjong Pagar area when you are at work. Imagine the hottest dressed ladies working in finance or banks in Singapore’s central business district, and there you have it. Since many escorts are working full time in an office job somewhere in Singapore too, office lady escort service providers are quite common, and highly sought after by clients, both locals and foreigners.

Most clients of escort services also prefer a woman who is well put together and eloquent, and since office ladies are usually that, it is a popular demographic locally in Singapore.

The young and fresh faced student

These are students above the age of 18, studying in local Polytechnics or Universities, and work as escorts during their free time. Most of them join the industry to clear their school or tuition fee debt. These are pretty rare, and good ones are even rarer. Most often though, you will be able to find students who are studying part time at night in a private university, much much more commonly than any student from a local public university such as NTU, NUS, SMU or SUTD.