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Why No Strings Attached Like Escorts & Sugar Babies Are Rising In SG

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Even though to some people it may appear as though sugar babies and social escorts sound similar, there are differences between them! But definitely, one of the biggest similarities between them would be that they are relatively no strings attached. And such forms of no strings attached or more transient forms of dating are rapidly growing in Singapore. Here are the reasons why that is happening.

Singapore men are too busy to date conventionally

Singapore has a very fast paced life, and many people also lead very busy lifestyles. This means that most men in their twenties are simply building their careers. As a result of that, most of them will need to sacrifice social lifestyles if they want to actually achieve any kind of substantial and sizeable financial success by the time they are in their young to mid thirties. As a result of these, they are usually in the mid thirties by the time they can take a small step back and enjoy themselves. However, at that age, going to the night clubs would probably be a little awkward, and most people’s social circles tend to naturally shrink over time to include only their colleagues and their closest friends from the past. Since most women are already attached in their thirties, even married, it can get quite difficult for these men to date.

Additionally, you will be surprised that many men are still fine with getting married even later, as many do only in their late thirties to forties now, as is happening in many developed countries around the world, including Singapore!

As a result of this, many of these Singaporean men in their late thirties or forties either turn to matchmaking agencies if they are looking for a marriage partner, or they simply turn to social escorts or sugar dating if they want something more transient and no strings attached.

Expatriates in Singapore prefer something with no strings attached

There are many expatriates who live and work in Singapore. As a result of that, a relatively sizeable portion of the local Singapore population is actually made up by expatriates. Since most expatriates live and work in Singapore on an average of two to five years, it makes not much sense to date seriously while in SG. It is probably bad to lead on the woman with no intention of being with her as well.

As such, most expats opt for no strings attached relationships. Even tourists are recommended to look for escorts as one of the ways to have more fun on their next trip. This could be done in the traditional sense by finding such a girl friend, or through more professional methods such as sugar dating or escort services in Singapore.

Singapore is an expensive city to live in and money talks

This trend is not just due to demand side but also due to supply side. If it was dirt cheap to live in Singapore, no girl would probably be an social escort or a sugar baby. However, Singapore is very expensive to live in, and especially if you want to live in it comfortably. As a result of that, many girls turn to flexible hour jobs such as social escort work in SG so that they can make more income. This is the same for sugar babies as well in our country.

As a result of also more increased supply of these local ladies, it results in a flywheel effect – more girls means more men will want in. And because there’s more money to be made off more men, more women want in.

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What Clients Need To Know About Singapore’s Escort Services

Escorts Singapore

Looking to place a booking with a cute or hot Singapore escort girl? Here are some tips and advice for the first time gentleman client in Singapore looking to find a social escort.

Singapore escort agencies

There are various different places in which you can look for these girls or ladies, and the first of which is most popular in Singapore will be that through escort agencies.

One of the most famous local Singapore escort agency will be or SGVIP Escorts, which is founded by that of Richard back in 2017 and rapidly grew to Singapore’s most popular and largest local Singaporean call girl provider. They are pretty much the monopoly in SG.

An escort agency is your best choice if local Singaporean girls are what you are actually looking to book. 99.99% of local social escort call girls work within or with agencies, and are almost never freelance.

However, even among local Singaporean girls, there are different types of girls you can find in SG. Make sure to give our other article a read too about the different vibes and categories of women in general you can find in Singapore.

Independent or freelance social escorts

There really only are a few, perhaps less than 2 of them whom are actually legitimate and do it properly. The rest are just wannabes who give up after 1 or 2 weeks. The good ones will be that of Risque Rebecca and Courtesan Cara, though Courtesan Cara’s website seem to be less updated when I last checked on it! If you are Cara and reading this, please update me if that is not the case and I will edit this immediately. Thanks!

Chinese ‘escort’ sites

When it comes to these, they are a risky play, but you won’t be finding local Singaporeans here for sure. These are basically Chinese prostitution sites in reality, and they are not escorts, and neither are they locals. Nonetheless, some examples of them (some well and alive, some aren’t) are TSRJOX and SGWOLF.

Escort directories or classified escort ad sites

Mainly, and really, just Skokka and Locanto, these are the two largest escort directories in Singapore. These are a great place if you want to find a budget escort. There are just two issues here, and if you can tolerate that, then it is a good choice, otherwise this is not recommended.

The first issue with these places is that, virtually 100% of the girls who advertise themselves as Singaporeans on these websites, are NOT Singaporeans nor locals. They are almost exclusively from Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand or sometimes China. Their nationalities are all faked. Looking for a Singaporean girl here is impossible.

The second issue is that the photos are fake almost 100% of the time either. Most of these are stolen from famous Instagram influencer accounts from countries outside of Singapore, in hopes that the unsuspecting and poor client wouldn’t notice. That is why if you ever tried to book, which some people do, end up getting a woman whom is often much more out of shape, and looks absolutely nothing like her photographs.

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Types Of Escort Call Girls You Can Find In Singapore

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We had previously talked about TSRJOX, which is a banned prostitution site in Singapore. However, today, we will talk about the popular types of local Singaporean escort girls you can find instead from legal providers in SG, both from agencies, as well as from independents. There are various types as you will soon see below.

SIA stewardess

Also known as the Singapore girl, these are basically current or past SIA air stewardesses who are either moonlighting or working as an escort girl in Singapore during the times that she is within Singapore. Once used to be highly sought after by local clients mainly, demand for them has now been more distributed among the various other types of the years.

The hot office lady

These are the epitome of what you will notice at Raffles Place or Tanjong Pagar area when you are at work. Imagine the hottest dressed ladies working in finance or banks in Singapore’s central business district, and there you have it. Since many escorts are working full time in an office job somewhere in Singapore too, office lady escort service providers are quite common, and highly sought after by clients, both locals and foreigners.

Most clients of escort services also prefer a woman who is well put together and eloquent, and since office ladies are usually that, it is a popular demographic locally in Singapore.

The young and fresh faced student

These are students above the age of 18, studying in local Polytechnics or Universities, and work as escorts during their free time. Most of them join the industry to clear their school or tuition fee debt. These are pretty rare, and good ones are even rarer. Most often though, you will be able to find students who are studying part time at night in a private university, much much more commonly than any student from a local public university such as NTU, NUS, SMU or SUTD.

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TSRJOX 新加坡天上人间狼群网狮城陪游

Escorts Singapore

Quite some time ago, TSRJOX, also known as 新加坡天上人间狼群网狮城陪游 in Mandarin, and which website used to be on, was an extremely popular prostitution website page in Singapore. Some claimed that it also went under different names such as SGWolf and more, but nonetheless, when one wanted to search for Chinese ladies and prostitutes, people could visit these China girls in our country by browsing TSRJOX or

A brief history about TSRJOX

However, since some time ago as well, TSRJOX was hunted by the Singapore police force for being an illegal prostitution website and was was shut down forever since. However, like the hydra, one head gets chopped, and several pops up in its place.

The fact is that people are not able to confirm, but many have even speculated that subsequent ones like 皇朝 888 SGWolf, TTVIP7 and more are still being operated by the same masterminds behind TSRJOX 新加坡天上人间狼群网狮城陪游. Arguably though, none of them got anywhere close to the level of notoriety as TSRJOX did.

Alternatives you can find

Therefore, if you want to try to look for alternatives to it, for China Chinese ladies and prostitutes in Singapore masquerading under escort service in a bid to circumvent local laws, you can try stuff like 皇朝 888 SGWolf, TTVIP7, though the police clamps down on them really fast, and you are also likely to have overstepped the legal lines if you play with them.

So how then do you look for these girls now if the original was gone, and these subsequent ones which popped up also constantly disappear?

There really are only two answers – and it depends on whether you are on the search for prostitutes or legit escort girls.

If you are confused as to what the difference is between prostitution and legal escort work, the former is sexual services and absolutely nothing else provided by the women in exchange for money. The latter is paid companionship by the women, and if you two decide to privately enter sexual relationship, that is your own issue, but is not part and cannot be sold or marketed as part of the service, or it will be considered the former.

If you are searching for the former, there are red light districts in Singapore, and the most famous remaining one left with the widest selection of choices will be left in Geylang. While some claim in international forums that Orchard Towers and the 4 floors of whores as ‘legal’, they really are not. Legal ones do not get busted for providing such services.

If you are searching for the latter, then a quick Google search will yield you lots of results.

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