What Clients Need To Know About Singapore’s Escort Services


Looking to place a booking with a cute or hot Singapore escort girl? Here are some tips and advice for the first time gentleman client in Singapore looking to find a social escort.

Singapore escort agencies

There are various different places in which you can look for these girls or ladies, and the first of which is most popular in Singapore will be that through escort agencies.

One of the most famous local Singapore escort agency will be www.sgvipescorts.com or SGVIP Escorts, which is founded by that of Richard back in 2017 and rapidly grew to Singapore’s most popular and largest local Singaporean call girl provider. They are pretty much the monopoly in SG.

An escort agency is your best choice if local Singaporean girls are what you are actually looking to book. 99.99% of local social escort call girls work within or with agencies, and are almost never freelance.

However, even among local Singaporean girls, there are different types of girls you can find in SG. Make sure to give our other article a read too about the different vibes and categories of women in general you can find in Singapore.

Independent or freelance social escorts

There really only are a few, perhaps less than 2 of them whom are actually legitimate and do it properly. The rest are just wannabes who give up after 1 or 2 weeks. The good ones will be that of Risque Rebecca and Courtesan Cara, though Courtesan Cara’s website seem to be less updated when I last checked on it! If you are Cara and reading this, please update me if that is not the case and I will edit this immediately. Thanks!

Chinese ‘escort’ sites

When it comes to these, they are a risky play, but you won’t be finding local Singaporeans here for sure. These are basically Chinese prostitution sites in reality, and they are not escorts, and neither are they locals. Nonetheless, some examples of them (some well and alive, some aren’t) are TSRJOX and SGWOLF.

Escort directories or classified escort ad sites

Mainly, and really, just Skokka and Locanto, these are the two largest escort directories in Singapore. These are a great place if you want to find a budget escort. There are just two issues here, and if you can tolerate that, then it is a good choice, otherwise this is not recommended.

The first issue with these places is that, virtually 100% of the girls who advertise themselves as Singaporeans on these websites, are NOT Singaporeans nor locals. They are almost exclusively from Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand or sometimes China. Their nationalities are all faked. Looking for a Singaporean girl here is impossible.

The second issue is that the photos are fake almost 100% of the time either. Most of these are stolen from famous Instagram influencer accounts from countries outside of Singapore, in hopes that the unsuspecting and poor client wouldn’t notice. That is why if you ever tried to book, which some people do, end up getting a woman whom is often much more out of shape, and looks absolutely nothing like her photographs.