How To Get A Girlfriend In Singapore – The 7 Step Process

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While getting a matchmaking service is a potential viable option for some men, some men such as yourself may prefer knowing how to get a girlfriend ‘naturally’. In fact, even if you wish to use a matchmaking agency, you will still need some skills to know how to convert those match made dates into a long term relationship!

Getting a girlfriend in Singapore can feel impossible for men who do not know what they are doing. Most men ‘wing’ it after they look at experts do it, only to fail miserably afterwards. Why is that the case?

The real reason is that dating coaches and experts know the seven step process required to get a girl in Singapore to become your girlfriend. While from the outside world it appears that they are ‘winging’ it, they are actually following a proven process which is already engrained into their behaviors.

In this post, I will share with you this seven step process to help you get a girlfriend in Singapore in a scientific, systematic and repeatable way. You can put these steps to use immediately after reading this article.

7 Step Process To Get Yourself A Singaporean Girlfriend

Make sure to follow these steps systematically, and do not skip steps!

1 – Wear fitted clothes

It shocks me how many Singaporean guys do not wear fitted clothes. Very often, it is not the clothing style that is bad. It is the fit that is horrible. A plain t shirt can make you look amazing if it is fitted. A nice dress suit will make you look horrible if it is not fitting.

This is also good news for the men who like casual wear.

You do not need to overdress to impress a girl – you just need to wear fitted clothes to catch her attention better! Even t shirt and a normal pair of jeans can go a long way!

2 – Be yourself… seriously

One of the biggest takeaways you can have from this post is that when you are trying to get a girlfriend, you are not trying to persuade girls who will never like you to like you. Your goal is to qualify who will potentially be suitable for you, and then zoom in onto this group of girls.

To put it in a crude way, you are trying to sift through dirt to find gold in the soil. You are not trying to convert soil into gold.

Most men in Singapore either try to be someone they are not, or they try to be themselves. The former is obviously the wrong approach. The latter is usually not done extremely enough.

Let me give you a simple illustration for you to understand.

Many ‘fake-pros’ think they are being themselves when they are with a girl… however, you probably still act differently with guy friends than with a girl you are chasing! Right? See. You are not you enough. Be yourself, seriously.

3 – Take charge

While there are girls who are alright with guys who are not decisive and confident, it is definitely not the norm. Most girls in Singapore prefer men who are more dominant. This is usually the case in Asian countries.

Take and keep her in mind and be considerate, but that does not mean being a wimp.

Here is a quick word of disclaimer – this does not mean shouting at other people and being aggressive. This just means being decisive. Ask her if she has any suggestions, if not, you just decide. If she really does not want to do a certain activity or go to a certain place, she will certainly tell you if you do so.

Ask her out.

4 – Get rid of all emotional attachments to what you want out of the date and just enjoy the date

Congrats! You have managed to ask the girl out on a date – what next?

Many guys make the mistake here of either assuming that the girl already likes him a lot, or that they need to get the girl right there and then.

Agreeing to meeting you for a first date usually only means 1 thing – whatever she knows about you is interesting enough to want her to get to know more about you. Period. It means absolutely nothing else.

So on the first date, you want to focus on enjoying yourselves. Don’t put the focus on her. Don’t put the focus on yourself. Put the entire focus on an enjoyable first date for both of you. That’s it! Stop thinking about anything else.

Two of the biggest mistakes guys make on their first date is to try to act cool and nonchalant or try too hard and look needy.

5- Qualify the date and decide if you wish to meet her again

Assuming you have done the 4th step right, you can now go on a second date.

Some guys get so desperate that they need to meet the girl again that they turn the girl off – by scaring them away.

Stop putting girls on a pedestal – you’re THE MAN.

You judge girls whether you enjoy your time with them. If you enjoy your time with her, then ask her out on another date. If not, just leave her alone.

6 – Even on the 2nd, 3rd or subsequent dates, put the focus on having enjoyable dates, not on a certain outcome

Many guys think that if the first date went smooth, they should try to get the girl to be their steady girlfriend on the 2nd, 3rd of subsequent dates.

Wrong thinking!

You should instead put the focus back on the VERY SAME THING. Having an enjoyable date.

Once again, get rid of all attachments to whatever outcome you want out of the date.

7 – If all of the dates with the girl is truly enjoyable for both of you – then eventually she will start dropping heavy hints she wants to be your girlfriend

At this point in time, you just got to pop the question and she will become your girlfriend.

So there are your seven steps process to getting a girlfriend on autopilot with minimal effort. Use these tips carefully, and do NOT skip any steps.