Is Dating Social Escorts In Singapore Only For ‘Losers’?

Singapore girl

There seems to be this misconception that only ‘losers’ date social escorts. Only the socially inept use mobile dating applications. And that the real men pick up girls on the streets.

People who think like the above are missing the whole point and are in fact quite stupid!

It is about leveraging what technology now offers to us. Not using dating applications, or contacting social escorts in Singapore in 2020 and beyond is akin to having Google maps and not using it when needed.

In fact, on the contrary, here are some of the reasons why dating social escorts in Singapore are for the ‘winners’.

If you are not a winner, you probably can’t afford to date social escorts

Singapore social escorts do not come cheap, and unless you are absolutely successful, you will reason your way out of dating escorts because of the steep prices.

In fact, social escorts are very often only reserved for the rich and wealthy.

Most men who look for female escorts in Singapore are busy individuals and professionals

Most people who look and date escorts are usually very busy individuals. And guess who are busy people? Successful people! People who are unsuccessful usually have way too much free time on their hands. However, successful people are usually busy at least partially by choice.

Many men who date SG escorts are high flying expatriates or entrepreneurs

Many foreign investors and businessmen come to Singapore for business every month of the year. During their trip in Singapore, many of them look for female escorts. In fact, these are the very same type of men that many mums in Singapore ask their daughters to look for – high socioeconomic status (SES) men.

As you can tell, dating escorts is not for ‘losers’. It is just a dating option for the rich men in Singapore.

On a sidenote, an escort can also help you gain dating confidence

Also, an additional tip I have for you if you are struggling to have confidence when it comes to the ladies, is to simply meet an escort with the girlfriend experience at least once.

The reason for that is mental. You want your mind to believe that it is possible for a super attractive woman to fall in love with you. Do this enough times, and you will soon believe it whole heartedly. This will then translate into real pick up confidence, which then leads into real dating success. This then compounds exponentially until you become a true ladies man.