Singapore Dating Agencies – Which Is Best For You?

How do you figure out whether a dating agency in Singapore is good or bad? What makes them good and what makes them bad? Here are some ways for you to figure it out before looking for any dating agencies. If you want to skip to the conclusion, here are the contact details for what I feel is the best dating agency in Singapore.

Without further ado, let us move towards the topic proper.

Your circumstances and what you want to achieve when it comes to dating in Singapore

First of all, what makes an agency good or bad is largely dependent on your circumstances and what you want to achieve by engaging their services.

Some people have lots of free time, and are just unable to find a date or find dating success simply because they have horrible social skills and communication techniques. They turn the opposite gender off the moment they talk to them. For these people, it is better for you to actually engage a dating coach in Singapore like me to help you out. A dating agency or matchmaker will probably not be of much use to you.

If you are the type that is very busy, and simply are unable to socialize due to your busy work schedule or shrinking social circle as you grow older, then a dating agency will do much good for you. If this is your scenario, then read on further.

Different types of dating agencies

There are actually several different types of them. Not all of them do the same thing, despite their names.

Some perform matchmaking services

These are most suitable for those who do not have the time, and are busy professionals with shrinking social circles and know fewer people of the opposite gender who are still single. These dating agencies simply get your details and collect your preferences about a potential match, and then they will either go headhunt or look for one in their database who are open to dating you.

Some arrange for events

These are companies which usually arrange for speed dating events, or are basically event organizers except that all of the entrants are by right legal singles.

Some charge you only a token sum and throw you into a database in which you are to find your potential date within yourself

In my opinion, this is utter trash. Avoid these companies and agencies, as you can already do this on free applications such as Tinder.