Can Hiring A Singapore Escort Help You Get More Confident?

I have recently read an article on the girlfriend experience and escorts, so it made me think. Can meeting a social escort actually help you become more confident when it comes to dating? Let us find out in this article.

One of the biggest reasons that many men in Singapore struggle with dating is not a lack of ability, but a lack of self esteem and confidence. You will notice that many men in Singapore are at least above average qualities. However, they do not seem to have dating success. The reason for that is that many Singaporean men have horribly low self esteem.

Just a quick look on EDMW forums and you will notice that they will ‘self-pawn’ themselves. Even if many are capable of getting really amazing girls, they simply say stupid stuff like ‘I’m not rich, AMDK’ or stupid silly things like that. Of course these men are not going to get any girls. They have everything except the most important thing – confidence.

There are also many men who may have very good qualities but are shy. Therefore, they have little dating experience in Singapore. These men usually have a lack of confidence!

So let us do a quick introduction – what are social escorts?

They are basically paid girlfriends to you for the hour. If you get a good one, they will treat you as though you were really their genuine boyfriend for the hour. They will spoil and flirt with you for the hour or hours you hire them for.

If you do this often enough, the idea is that it will be able to break your limiting beliefs. It makes you genuinely think that you can easily get a girl to fall in love with you! Whether it is because of money or otherwise, the point is that it breaks down your own limiting beliefs that you can never get a girlfriend ever. It is getting over this hurdle that is difficult for many Singaporean men, and hiring an escort for this purpose can actually help you achieve it!

I know this tip may sound very unorthodox, but try it! I have recommended it to several men since with amazing success.